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Transfer Equipments

Permits division of line flow and corner layouts. Feed direction can be reversed
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Permits division of line flow and corner layouts. Feed direction can be reversed.

Equipment to feed a range of different materials, and intermediate processes can be added providing a high degree of flexibility in configuring the line.

Different workpiece transfer heights between presses is possible.

A line can be configured with numerous presses of different sizes by setting the A-8II robot with different feed strokes.


  1. The optimal operation pattern can be set to match the forming process.
  2. The pitch between presses can be asymmetrical.
  3. The height of presses in a multiple-press line can be asymmetrical.
  4. Multiple presses can optionally be set to run separately (option).
  5. The feeding direction can be switched between left to right and right to left (option).
  6. Easy operation by full synchronization of all presses.


Model A-8II-90 A-8II-120 A-8II-150
Feed Stroke (mm) 900 (Fixed) 1000~1200 (Select A Fixed Stroke) 1300~1500 (Select A Fixed Stroke)
Lift Stroke (mm) 25~100 (Variable)
Feed Direction [L]: Left to Right - [R]: Right to Left
Conveyance Weight Limit (Weight + Clamp) / Set (kg) Max. 4.0
Clamp Method Vacuum Or Magnetic (Mechanical Clamper)
Drive Type Two Axis (Feed/ Lift) Servo Drive
Electric Drive Motor (kW) For Feed: 2.0, For Lift/ Down: 2.0
Power Supply (V x Hz) 200 / 220 x 50 / 60
Air Pressure Requirements (MPa) 0.5
Cycle Time (sec.) 1.45~1.9 1.55~2.0 2.0~2.55
Cycle time is affected by stroke length
Used Presses