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AIDA Straightside Press : SMX

AIDA Stampmax SMX Straightside Press

The SMX Series are general purpose straightside presses of high precision and high rigidity, and excellent in basic stamping performance.

Power and Precision Straightside Press
AIDA's SMX Series provides high rigidity and precision in a general purpose, basic straightside press machine. Because of a highly durable design and large front to back bed areas, the SMX presses excel with stamping large scale parts requiring deep draw stroke lengths and high production rates such as those common in automotive, appliance, furniture and other industries. SMX straightside presses can optimize productivity by performing equally well as a single press or in a multiple press transfer configuration using standard or customized automation systems.

Soft Touch Link Motion
The link motion ensures stable precision forming. The optional soft touch link motion available on the AIDA SMX straightside press reduces heat generation in the dies during forming.

AIDA SMX Press Features and Benefits

  • Highly rigid, high precision basic press machine
  • Optional soft touch link motion keeps die heat to a minimum
  • The overall clearance is even less than the crank-less JIS Grade 1. Noise is reduced and die life is extended thanks to less breakthrough.
  • Ideal for mid-size and large-size panel forming or for deep draw forming. Utilized in single-stroke operations as well as in fully automated tandem line systems.
  • Eight-point square slide guide that limits lateral and longitudinal movement
  • AIDA's unique metal seal type Hydraulic Overload Protection (HOLP) activates instantaneously, protecting the press and tooling, and it resets automatically
  • Forced lubrication system
  • Standard capacities range from 2000 kN to 5000 kN but can also be built to specific specifications.

AIDA SMX Straightside Press Photos

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AIDA SMX Straightside Press Videos

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Straightside Press Photos

Straightside PressStraightside Press Tandem Line2 SMX Straightside PressesSMX Straightside Press with Rolling Bolster
AIDA SMX Straightside Press Tandem Line

Straightside Press Video

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