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AIDA Straightside Press : NS2

AIDA C Frame NS2 Straightside Press

AIDA C Frame NS2 Straightside Presses, manufactured by AIDA Engineering Malaysia with capacities ranging from 1600 kN to 3000 kN, incorporate a forced recirculating lubrication system, have environmentally friendly features and help metal stampers realize high precision stamping in a conventional press.

Forced Lubrication System:
Lubrication of the NS2 Straightside Press drive, bearings and slide guide is accomplished through use of a recirculated lubrication system. With this system high precision stamping is possible due to minimized thermal deformation of the press frame.

Environmentally Friendly Press Attributes
Reduction of noise, vibration, energy and oil in metal forming is an important part of moving towards environmentally friendly press design. The NS2 has a highly rigid straightside frame which reduces stamping noise and vibration. A newly adopted inverter motor helps achieve energy savings and noise reduction. Additionally the standard forced recirculating lubrication system improves the working environment.

AIDA NS2 Straightside Press Features and Benefits

  • A unitized straightside press frame for minimal frame elongation
  • A forced circulation press lubrication system. This system introduced to the crank bearings and the slide guides, improves bottom dead center repeatability by minimizing thermal expansion of the press frame. Higher productivity is achieved with an increased maximum SPM of 10%
  • Compact and energy efficient straightside press design
  • AIDA's unique metal seal type Hydraulic Overload Protection (HOLP) activates instantaneously, protecting the press and tooling, and it resets automatically
  • Full length slide guides provide high press performance that is resistant to eccentric loads ensuring high accuracy at bottom dead center, high value-added metal forming and extended die life.

AIDA NS2 Straightside Press

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AIDA NS2 Straightside Press

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Two Gap PressesGap Press 1600 kNNC1-E Gap Press 2000 kN

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Straightside Press Video

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