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AIDA Straightside Press : NS1

AIDA C Frame NS1 Straightside Press

The elimination of angular deflection and the addition of many features raises the NS1 from a general purpose straightside press to a machine that provides a high level of dynamic accuracy and functionality resulting in improved productivity.

Elimination of Angular Deflection
The solid straightside press frame with the same frame cross sectional ratio at front to back eliminates angular deformation of the press frame and maintains dynamic parallelism with even frame elongation.

Full Length Slide Guides at the Center of the Press
Front to back anti-off-center loading capacity and dynamic accuracy have been imporved and contributes to longer die life by guiding the slide at the front to back center of the press and by fully guiding the whole range of slide motion

NS1 Straightside Press in Both Crank Motion and Link Motion Models
The optimum link motion of the NS1-NL straightside press, based on AIDA's long experience and continuing technology improvement is suitable for drawing, bending, and compression works, and it widens the application range of press working.

AIDA NS1 Straightside Press Features and Benefits

  • Unitized straightside press construction eliminates frame deflection
  • AIDA's unique metal seal type Hydraulic Overload Protection (HOLP) activates instantaneously, protecting the press and tooling, and it resets automatically
  • Utilizes a forced recirculating lubrication system
  • Centered full-length slide guides
  • Increased slide left right dimensions
  • Even higher productivity is achieved by combining the press with a variety of automation devices

AIDA NS1 Straightside Press Photos

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