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AIDA Straightside Servo Press : NS1-D

AIDA Direct Servo Former NS1-D Straightside Servo Press

The AIDA NS1-D Straightside Servo Press, like all AIDA Servo Presses, features AIDA's unique high torque / low speed servo motors. AIDA ServoPro gives the ability to fully control the stroke profile of the press allowing for metalforming processes not possible with conventional mechanical stamping presses.

Unitized Frame Servo Press:
The unitized frame of the NS1-D straightside servo press eliminates frame throat deflection and further minimizes frame elongation. Higher value-added production is achieved by providing centrally located full-length slide guides.

Centrally Located Full-Length Slide Guides:
The AIDA NS1-D straightside press slide guides are centrally located front-to-back guiding the slide throughout the entire range of motion. This improves front/back and left/right eccentric loading, dynamic accuracy performance, and contributes to increased die life.

AIDA NS1-D Servo Press Features and Benefits

  • The AIDA ServoPro system - high torque, low speed servo motors and direct drive system
  • Hydraulic overload protection
  • Full-length slide guides
  • High torque and energy even at low speeds
  • Optimum slide motions even for difficult-to-form material or for product shaping conditions can be easily set and then stored in the job recipe data bank.
  • Environmentally friendly system
  • Ease of die setup using manual step feed

AIDA NS1-D Straightside Servo Press Photos

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AIDA NS1-D Straightside Servo Press Videos

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NS1-D Straightside Servo Press

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Servo Press Video

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