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AIDA Gap Frame Servo Press : NC1-D

AIDA Direct Servo Former NC1-D C Frame Servo Press

AIDA Servo Presses, such as the NC1-D C Frame Servo Press, have many additional value-added functions, such as greatly enhanced control, user-friendliness for making settings and an average 30% increase in the number of strokes per minute (compared to previous AIDA servo presses).

C Frame Servo Press with Minimal Total Clearance
Providing minimal total clearances that exceed JIS Class 1 standards, and a highly rigid press frame that minimizes frame throat deflection the NC1-D C frame servo press enables the full utilization of servo press capabilities. The high-precision machining of each structural component of the press results in minimal overall clearances, dramatic reduction of breakthrough, significant extension of die life and greatly reduces noise and vibration. This highly automation-compatible press series can easily accommodate any type of presswork.

AIDA NC1-D C Frame Servo Press Features and Benefits

  • AIDA's unique high torque, low RPM servo motors which are directly connected to the main gear.
  • Mechanical brake for safety
  • Minimal power source capacity requirements
  • High torque and energy even at low speeds
  • Extremely small total clearance
  • Environmentally friendly system
  • High productivity using pendulum motion

AIDA C Frame Press NC1-E Photos

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AIDA C Frame Press NC1-E Videos

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Servo Press Photos

Two Servo PressesServo Press Transfer LineNC1-D Gap Frame Servo Press LineNC1-D Gap Frame Servo Press
Two Gap PressesGap Frame Servo Press

Servo Press Video

Servo Press Video

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