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AIDA Progmax PMX Progressive Die Press

AIDA progressive die presses, like the Progmax PMX, are the results of continued research and development and give stampers the ability to produce highly accurate and high value-added parts. The PMX progressive die press ranges in standard capacities of 1600 kN to 6000 kN with higher tonnage models available as well.
[More about the PMX Progressive Die Press]

AIDA Progmax UMX Progressive Die Press

AIDA Progmax UMX Progressive Die Presses are designed for high-precision progressive die presswork, well suited for the electronic, information and telecommunications equipment industries. UMX presses range in capacity from 600 kN to 1100 kN.
[More about the UMX Progressive Die Press]

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Progressive Die PressProgressive Die PressProgressive Die PressProgressive Die Press
Progressive Die PressProgressive Die Press

Progressive Die Press Video

Progressive Die Press Video

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