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AIDA Hypromax HMX High Speed Press

AIDA Hypromax HMX High Speed Press

AIDA has a long history of high speed press innovation, starting in 1956 with the introduction of Japan's first 120 spm 200 tf high speed press, followed the next two years by a 125 tf press and a 300 tf press. In 1976 AIDA introduced the A series 1000 spm 80 tf press. The AIDA philosophy of constant research and development has lead to the development of the HMX High Speed Press.

High Speed Press Frame Structure
The high rigidity of the press frame maintains excellent dynamic accuracy and provides excellent guiding even with high off center loads. The HMX meets JIS special grade standards and features a hydraulic lock, minimum total clearance and minimum bottom dead center change.

Dynamic Balancer
The AIDA Hypromax HMX High Speed Press is equipped with a Dynamic Balance Unit to counterbalance the reciprocating motion of the slide and upper die. This minimizes vibration in conjunction with anti-vibration mounters under the press feet.

AIDA Hypromax HMX High Speed Press Features and Benefits

  • Highly rigid frame which maintain excellent dynamic accuracy
  • Dynamic balancer for counterbalance and minimized vibration
  • Slide adjustment with readout display of 0.01 increments
  • 8-point pre-loaded slide guide that reduces front-back and left-right slide movement, extending die life
  • Anti-vibration floor mounts
  • Hydraulic stick release device releases die sticking on the bottom with a simple push button

AIDA Hypromax HMX High Speed Press Photos

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AIDA Hypromax HMX High Speed Press Videos

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