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AIDA Cold Forging Press K1-E

AIDA Cold Forging Press K1-E

The AIDA K1-E, a high performance cold forging press, enables production of the high-quality parts demanded by today's industries. In order to obtain such high precision, AIDA's K1-E cold forging press has a highly rigid frame to prevent slide inclination, an overload protector in case of an unusual overload and a compact design for ease of operation and installation.

Custom Systems to Meet Factory Demands
One of the principal characteristics of the K1-E cold forging press is its versatility. Systems such as precision slug manufacturing, lubrication treatment, die design and manufacture, slug feeding and the removal of finished parts can be incorporated into the system to suit the individual factory circumstances.

AIDA Cold Forging Press K1-E Features and Benefits

  • One-piece frame of high rigidity ensures high precision products
  • Strong knuckle action mechanism provides high precision production
  • Highly responsive overload protector protects the dies from an unusual overload
  • 3-stage bed knockouts (optional) make continuous operation possible
  • High performance accuracy and minimal manufacturing clearances improve component precision, with reduced vibration
  • High performance wet type clutch and brake enhance operational safety
  • Long slide guides maintain high manufacturing precision
  • Floor mount design enables easy installation

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