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AIDA C Frame Press : NC2-E

AIDA C Frame NC2-E C Frame Press

Best Selling Precision C Frame Press:
Manufactured by AIDA Engineering Malaysia, the AIDA C Frame Press NC2-E, our best selling high precision c frame press, demonstrates its utility from transfer presswork to progressive die metal forming to satisfy your high precision and high productivity needs.

Highly Rigid C Frame Press with a Counter Rotating Gear Mechanism for Eccentric Loads:
The NC2-E features left and right suspension points and a 6-sided perpendicular slide guide which handles eccentric loads that occur when doing multi-stage presswork such as transfer or progressive die presswork. Also, since the counter rotating gear mechanism eliminates thrust, long-term die precision is possible.

AIDA C Frame Press NC2-E Features and Benefits

  • A minimal overall clearance has been accomplished by doing high precision machining on each structural part of the press. Thereby breakthrough is minimized while greatly increasing die life and decreasing noise and vibration
  • Featuring a highly rigid gap frame and counter rotating gear construction, the NC2-E withstands off-center loading
  • High versatility capable of handling various press applications
  • AIDA's unique metal seal type Hydraulic Overload Protection (HOLP) - standard on all AIDA C frame presses - activates instantaneously, protecting the press and tooling, and it resets automatically

AIDA C Frame Press NC2-E Photos

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AIDA C Frame Press NC2-E Videos

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C Frame Press with NCAH-III Transfer

C Frame Press Video

C Frame Press Video

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