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The AIDA Greater Asia Group offers a complete solution for all of your metal stamping needs. AIDA has acted from its conception in world markets and has focused on building a worldwide network of sales and support. AIDA presses are in operation in more than 50 countries and are manufactured in Japan, Malaysia, U.S.A., China and Italy. AIDA not only supplies machinery and parts but also provides other excellent services such as technological support and consulting. AIDA will fulfill increasing global demand by continuing to produce "world class" products which can be used and prove satisfactory anywhere in the world.

No.Machine AccessoriesDescriptionPhoto
1Anti Vibration DeviceVarious types of anti vibration devices for all types of press machines.Anti Vibration Device
2Miseject Detecting SensorLight and loop sensors are used for detecting the air eject of products in automatic stamping.Miseject Detecting Device
3Press Sensing DeviceThe new models incorporate today's advanced electro-optical technology and fully reflect our in-depth knowledge of safety-engineering for high-performance press operation. AIDA offers options regarding press sensing device types.Press Sensing Device

Contact our sales engineer: Mr Kelvine Tang

No.Machine AccessoriesDescriptionPhoto
4Operation Detecting Device
  • Die height detector with sub-micron resolution bottom dead center detection
  • Malfunction detection device
  • Roulette angle display with cam angle indication
  • Auto angle advance system
  • Time ejector system
Operation Detecting Device
5Quick Die Change SystemQuick die change systems reduce die set-up time on the press machine and improve productivity.Quick Die Change System

Contact our sales engineer: Mr Kelvine Tang

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Anti Vibration DeviceMiseject Detecting DeviceOperation Detecting DevicePress Sensing Device
Quick Die Change System

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