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AIDA Coil Feeders LF Series

AIDA Coil Feeders cover a wide range of capabilities and capacities. AIDA LF series coil feeders can handle material 50 mm to 1100 wide by 6.0 mm thick.
[More about AIDA Coil Feeders LF Series]

AIDA Coil Feeder Line

AIDA's Coil Feeder Lines have an ample past of accomplishments proving the product to be highly reliable. Choices are available for the most suitable line to match a variety of coil material.
[More about the AIDA Coil Feeder Line]

NC Roll Feeder F-III Series

The NC Roll Feeder F-III offers total integration with the press for a high-performance line. The F-III Series is equipped with a function that automatically computes acceleration.
[More about the NC Roll Feeder F-III Series]

Combined Uncoiler-Straightener L Series

Achieving high cost-performance automation, the L-Series combined uncoiler-straightener specification has 13 work rolls.
[More about the Combined Uncoiler-Straightener L Series]

AIDA Midsize Coil Feeder LFA-L

AIDA Midsize Coil Feeder LFA-L series have High quality design, High quality parts & High quality assembly.
[More about the LFA-L Midsize Coil Feeder]

AIDA Midsize Coil Feeder LFA-G

AIDA Midsize Coil Feeder LFA-G series have High quality design, High quality parts & High quality assembly.
[More about the LFA-G Midsize Coil Feeder]

AIDA Midsize - Large Coil Feeder LFG

AIDA LFG Coil Feeders are a best-selling straightener feeder model with superior frame rigidity.
[More about the LFG Midsize - Large Coil Feeder]

Press Automation Photos and Video

Coil Feeder Photos

AIDA Small Coil Feeder LFLAIDA Midsize Coil Feeder LFMAIDA Midsize - Large Coil Feeder LFGAIDA Large Coil Feeder LFH
Combined Uncoiler-Straightener L Series

Coil Feeder Video

Coil Feeder Video

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