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Harmony Between People and Technology . . .

Since 1917, AIDA has constantly led the metal-forming industry in Japan as the foremost manufacturer of metal-forming systems, particularly mechanical presses. Backed by its technological capabilities built up over many years, AIDA was the first in Japan to develop a range of products, including capping presses, transfer presses, stamping centers, and industrial robots, growing into one of the world's most prominent manufacturers of forming systems, with a history of glittering achievements.

As a company listed on the first section of the Tokyo stock exchange, we enjoy a high reputation in Japan and overseas for our stable financial structure and sound management. Since the establishment of a representative office in 1968, we have been vigorously expanding overseas, and currently we are offering our overseas customers attentive service via a network of 38 sales and service centers in 18 countries worldwide.

In recent years we have established overseas manufacturing bases in the U.S. (Ohio), Europe (Italy) and Asia (Malaysia and China), creating together with Japan a global manufacturing system that can tailor our products better to customer needs. As a forming systems builder that supports the manufacturing process, we are aiming to become a global total engineering company in order to meet the demands of all manner of customers throughout the world.

The Company: AIDA Greater Asia

In the past decade, ASEAN has consistently ranked amongst the most dynamic and vibrant economies worldwide. We expect this high growth trend to continue for many more years with investments from major industries mushrooming into this strategic region. AIDA has always strived to share our leading-edge technological know-how and production methods with our customers who are constantly challenging the frontiers of high quality manufacturing and top-standard production with optimum efficiencies. Our top priority is to meet our customers' objectives of superior quality and high precision. For each step our customers take, AIDA advances another step forward in creating plasticity technology history. We sincerely hope you would extend your continued support and guidance to AIDA Greater Asia as AIDA's regional technical centre.


Since the founding of AIDA Greater Asia Pte Ltd in 1989 in this strategic location of South East Asia SINGAPORE, there is no turning back. We continue to strive for Attainable Pricing, Innovative Products, Dynamic Services & Accuracy in our manufacturing processes.

In the recent years of going regional and in order to meet our motto of providing quality presses and efficient services, we have set up offices in Malaysia and Thailand in 1994. To better our service network, we are looking forward and planning to set up more offices in this region to bring ourself closer to our customers.

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Management Philosophy

We will grow and develop globally as a systems builder and continue our contribution to people and community.

This vision is symbolized by the following octahedron.

AIDA Ochtahedron

An octahedron, stably balanced in each direction, represents the corporate vision of the AIDA Group. The upper pyramid represents the future of the company: software/hardware technological innovations that achieve customer satisfaction. The lower pyramid represents the human wisdom and drive that supports these future innovations. These two pyramids are connected by human resources, showing that we contribute to and are devoted to people and community.

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